Dr. Smoothie Bike

Our newest Brand Partner, Dr. Smoothie, has no equal in the smoothie products market. If fact, we were so impressed with their product quality and health benefits that we essentially insisted that we create the world’s first Smoothie BikeCaffe as a joint effort.

Starting at $25,750


  • Features & Overview
  • Specifications
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  • Model Pricing

Functional Beverages are what Dr. Smoothie is all about. Their functional smoothies have been helping consumers achieve their health objectives since 1997. But, here is the big difference; not only do their smoothies have strong health benefits, but they are hands down the best tasting smoothies in the world.

The Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed product features 5 servings of fruit in every 20oz. beverage. The 100% Crushed product is 100% fruit with NO added sugars, just Fruit!

Pairing the perfect smoothie product, with the perfect mobile smoothie cafe was no easy task, but the resulting Dr. Smoothie BikeCaffe Smoothie Bike is the result of the challenge. Utilizing the proven indoor / outdoor power systems perfected in our BikeCaffe Coffee Bikes, the Dr. Smoothie Bike can operate hours on end, blending up smoothie perfection in a cup that your customers will beg for.

Our Dr. Smoothie Bike is essentially a rolling smoothie shop. Designed to meet even the most demanding Health Department regulations,  you can be assured of a well running operation.

Without sharing our newest secrets, here is a list of the equipment and items included with a typically equipped Dr. Smoothie Bike:

  • Smoothie Preparation Equipment
  • Electric Refrigerator
  • 1 Compartment, Covered Ice Bin
  • 6 Gallon Hot Water Heater
  • Hand Wash Sink w/ hot & cold running water
  • Fresh Water Tank
  • Waste Water Tank
  • 4 110v (or your local mains power) outlets (to power the BikeCaffe and charge your mobile!)
  • Water Pump
  • Interchangeable Menu Boards
  • In-Counter Programmable BlendTec Blenders
  • Removable custom branded canopy
  • Geared Hub System – for effortless riding

Fully equipped to operate indoors or 100% portable inverted electric power, our Dr. Smoothie Bike can bring smoothie goodness ANYWHERE.

Popular Dr. Smoothie Bike Option & Upgrades:

  • Cargo Trailer (unbranded) $4,400.00
  • Location Services $2,500.00
  • Electric Motor – Motor & Controller $1,000.00
  • Electric Battery – Lead $375.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium $875.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium Magnesium $1,250.00
  • Crating Services (per unit) $750.00
  • International Voltage Converter $295.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Freezer $475.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Refrigerator $425.00
  • LED Lighting – Installed $400.00
  • LED Lighting – Self Install $212.50

Delivered complete with Dr. Smoothie Branded Panels and design.

Includes the design and production of all Panels & Menu Boards


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BikeCaffe Snack Bike

When our BikeCaffe Coffee Bike owners speak, we listen! Operators were hungry for a low-cost, but highly versatile Bike, which could merchandise a wide variety of food and product for sale. Behold the result…BikeCaffe Snacks.

Starting at LOW $12,900


  • Features & Overview
  • Specifications
  • Options
  • Model Pricing

The BikeCaffe Snack Bike is simply genius. By utilizing a grid system for merchandising product, operators are able to sell essentially any food or small product item, using a variety of hook, tab and tray solutions for merchandise display. Also equipped with two on-board and portable powered refrigerators, there is nothing else like it, even at twice the price.

Use BikeCaffe Snack alone, or pair it with another BikeCaffe beverage model, to create a powerful food and beverage enterprise.

Our BikeCaffe Snack Bike is equipped with a thoughtful grid display system, along with refrigeration options to that together offer customers a self-service retail experience. Another BikeCaffe marvel in space utilization, you will be amazed at the sheer capacity and versatility this bike offers.

Each BikeCaffe Snack Bike typically comes equipped with:

  • Extensive Grid Display System
  • Two Electric Refrigerators
  • 1 Large Ice Chest
  • Commercial ice chest drawer system
  • Locking Cash Drawer
  • 110v  outlets (to power the BikeCaffe and charge your mobile!)
  • Interchangeable Menu Boards
  • Removable custom branded canopy
  • Geared Hub System – for effortless riding

Fully equipped to operate indoors or 100% portable using inverted electric power, our BikeCaffe Snack Bike is like no other mobile enterprise.

Popular Snack Bike Options & Upgrades:

  • Cargo Trailer (unbranded) $4,400.00
  • Location Services $2,500.00
  • Electric Motor – Motor & Controller $1,000.00
  • Electric Battery – Lead $375.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium $875.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium Magnesium $1,250.00
  • Crating Services (per unit) $750.00
  • International Voltage Converter $295.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Freezer $475.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Refrigerator $425.00
  • LED Lighting – Installed $400.00
  • LED Lighting – Self Install $212.50

Delivered complete with blank white Panels (ready for vinyl art application).

Menu Board art files provided for local design and production.


Delivered complete with BikeCaffe.

Includes Custom Menu Board design and production.


Custom option includes full design services and production of YOUR Brand on the BikeCaffe.

Includes the design and production of all Panels & Menu Boards


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About BikeCaffe

The BikeCaffe was painstakingly developed by Will Shakesheff, an obsessed coffee connoisseur, with a passion for great coffee and an equal loathing for the demise that big business has had on coffee taste. Further, Will created BikeCaffe with the intention to give back to those who produce great coffee and the world in which we live.

Caring for the coffee growers and producers proved difficult and costly, as identifying and contracting with 100% Fair Trade coffee producers was no simple task. We worked diligently to create a coffee blend that met our exacting requirements for taste, would be reliably available, and supplied by coffee producers who guide their operations in accordance to the ethical and environmental standards that our shapes our core business philosophy.

Giving back to the world was a bit simpler. It was easy to engineer BikeCaffe as a 100% environmentally friendly operation. After all, the „pedal power“ operation means that the business can boast a genuine „earth-friendly“ record. Coupling that with a 100% recycling policy and a footprint that leaves no trace except satisfied customers, BikeCaffe is truly a symbol of how business should operate in an era where environmental sustainability is critical.

Like Riding a Bike Again For the First Time

After tireless trial and error, both mechanically and through the use of our taste buds, the first operating BikeCaffe was „ready to roll“.

Beginning just outside London in Stratford-Upon-Avon England, on a typical blistery English morning with hot espresso in hand, the BikeCaffe set out for its inaugural journey. Coming to rest on famous Henley Street, just in front of William Shakespeare’s Home, the BikeCaffe immediately took customers by surprise and they quickly came to crave the coffee we served and the „way“ we served it. Britians reveled in the opportunity to support a business with environmental soundness and ethical business practices, all the while expecting, and getting, more than what the endless multinational coffee shops were serving.

Caffeine Powered Growth

Now, with BikeCaffes biking throughout England winning the hearts, minds and taste buds of discriminating Britians, we have set out to expand worldwide. Not only because we strive to build a business legacy that rewards us and our BikeCaffe purchasers, but because BikeCaffe is more than coffee. Its message and meaning is important to all of us, and what better way to start the day then with a hot cup of BikeCaffe coffee, and the vision of how a business can succeed while giving back. Caffeine, and „hope“ in a cup.

BikeCaffe – Boulder – CU LASP

Thank you for your interest in reserving a BikeCaffe for your next special event.

The BikeCaffe is a perfect complement to almost any gathering including, weddings, corporate events, outdoor festivals, sporting events, music venues and more.

Simply complete the form below and share some details about your event and we will reply personally to discuss and confirm the BikeCaffe’s participation.

BikeCaffe Coffee

Each BikeCaffe is an earth-friendly, greener than green, fully equipped „rolling“ caffe (spelled the Italian way). Our trained Baristas can create the same hot, made to order coffee & espresso drinks you now rely on from the plentiful, but typical brick and mortar coffee shops to serve. We work diligently to serve only coffee blends that meet our exacting requirements for taste by coffee producers who guide their operations in accordance to the ethical and environmental standards that shapes our core business philosophy.

100% of our coffee is purchased only from Fair Trade coffee producers that work to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

To find out more or get invloved, visit the Fairtrade International website today.

Meet Your Barista

Help us welcome Marc Arnold to the CU LASP Building. I am excited to be a part of your every day coffee and food experience. My journey in life has brought me from the east coast where I grow up in a family business to moving to Boulder, CO to study and practice oriental medicine. Now I am making coffee. This has been in the back of my mind for some time.

The BikeCaffe Menu

  • Espressos
  • Lattes
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Mochas
  • Hot Chocolates
  • Chai Teas
  • Tea Roobois
  • English Teas
  • Smoothies
  • Iced Coffees
  • Iced Teas
  • Limited / Special Blend Teas
  • Limited / Special Blend Coffees
  • A Variety of Flavoring Syrups
  • A local selection of chilled bottled and canned drinks
  • A local selection of exceptional snacks

BikeCaffe Raves

Imagine sharing the bike lane with a mobile coffee shop, its driver pedaling along and drumming up business from the Monday morning rush. The idea will soon be reality for many U.S. cities. Bike Caffe, a British business providing Joe on the go, has made its way stateside. The mobile cafes are already popular in Denver’s pedestrian mall and cities like Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh will soon see the four-wheeled, geared bikes pushing old-world-style espresso machines while other franchises are eagerly awaiting the construction of their bike businesses.The name pays homage to the Italian spelling for the lever-operated, Italian-style coffees the carts provide. The four-wheeled, geared bikes are full-service cafes that can roll from location to location to bring the java to the people, unconstrained by operating hours or rent. Each station has all the stuff your favorite sit-down cafe offers (think Chai, lattes, smoothies, the works) and can serve up to 500 cups per day with a fun, eco-friendly twist. According to the Village Coffee Cafe, similar businesses have been springing up around Europe for a while now. The blog mentions fresh espresso on the streets of Copenhagen, with barista Ole Skram bringing the steaming fresh beverages straight to the people who crave them as they leave the train station or office building. The business model seems ideal for an American audience that loves fancy coffee — and the more convenient, the better.The Bike Caffe franchise, whose motto is „High in flavor, low in guilt,“ puts workers who crave the outdoors and exercise behind the wheel of a cart filled with free trade coffee beans, biscotti, and a dedication to recycling 100 percent of waste. The website says the company aims for „a footprint that leaves no trace except satisfied customers.“The bikes themselves are a bike geek’s dream come true. They come with internally geared hubs, GPS, an alarm (to notify police of any potential trouble), a propane tank, fenders, awnings, and everything needed to blend and prepare custom drinks.

Where other businesses may view the bike as a means to deliver their products from a permanent home base, Bike Caffe creates a model of endless freedom. The business offers baristas a great opportunity for adventure, since the work day can begin conveniently across the street from the long lines at Starbucks, progress to lunchtime hotspots, or pack it in and head for home if business isn’t booming.

It’s awfully convenient when our favorite form of planet-friendly transportation doubles as a source of tasty beverage. Joining the world of pedal-powered blenders and bike bars (just don’t drink and drive, folks), U.K.-based BikeCaffe has crossed the pond to deliver organic, fair-trade coffee by bike. While BikeCaffe’s pedals don’t seem to power its espresso makers (the brewing machines are reportedly gas-powered), each barista reduces dependence on fossil fuels by biking to work. So far, the mobile coffee outlets are in Denver, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. We’ll be curious to see if more bike-oriented beverage stands start popping up in other U.S. cities.

–Della Watson / image: BikeCaffe

The trend in gourmet food trucks may still be going strong, with mobile units serving everything from tapas to dim sum. But wait! What do we spy? Is it the next generation in the mobilization of food?Get ready for BikeCaffe. That’s right; as Monther Nature Netweork reports, the company is looking to unleash an army of its pedaling baristas on U.S. shores, with at least one BikeCaffe operating in Denver already and others planned for Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and (of all places) Phoenix. (Not sure we’d want to commit to trying to hawk hot coffee in the desert from the seat of a bike, but okay.)The fancy, four-wheeled contraptions are outfitted with a full-service coffee bar in front, which serves 100-percent fair-trade coffee, Italian-style espresso, and most other coffeehouse staples. And as the fact that the story was picked up by MNN suggests, the company is billing itself as ultra-eco-friendly. (After all, this is a bike we’re talking about — no worries about global-warming emissions here.)

There would seem to be another side benefit of operating a BikeCaffe: after a few months of pedaling that thing uphill, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to eat all the biscotti you can manage and never pack on a pound.

Read more: http://www.slashfood.com/2010/10/28/Bike-caffe-food-trucks-for-coffee/#ixzz13hDH4ADo

Although running an artisanal food business may seem like a dream job, small-batch producers spend plenty of time between a rock and a hard place. Take distribution: Often what’s best for growing a business is anathema to local ideals (sustainability, community interaction).

But our favorite outfits are nothing if not crafty: The latest experiment in dovetailing these two oppositional interests has been the bike.

Coffee Baristas were some of the first to take up pedaling. New York’s Kickstand Coffee brews a rotating selection of high-end coffee beans on its Chemex-equipped bike-carts, on which they use hand grinders to grind their beans and heat water over propane stoves. BikeCaffe, a recent London import that also brews directly from a cart attached to a bike, doesn’t boast the same cult coffee touches, but it has a fleet spread out across Denver, Phoenix and Philadelphia.

…The newest version of the mobile coffee bar is not powered at all – it is the Bikecaffe, a pedal-powered espresso bar based on a Dutch delivery trike, which is converted in Stratford on Avon.

When offered as a franchise operation, the Bikecaffe is presented as ‘a whole new concept in environmentally-sound business‘. The bikes now use vintage-style lever-operated espresso machines from Astoria and are very low on energy use – mobile coffee carts often use gas for the heating of their water.

Bikecaffe uses a Fairtrade coffee, the Integrity blend from Metropolitan Coffee, and all used coffee grounds are donated to local allotments as a fertiliser aid. Teas are brewed from compostable tea-bags, and there will soon be a ‘bring your cup back to be recycled‘ incentive.

Caterersearch.com, March 31, 2009

I can’t think of a better business idea then putting a new spin on people’s insane need for coffee and making in convenient. That’s what the Bikecaffe is all about. The business was launched in the UK in March, and proved so successful that Bikecaffe’s founders, Will and Steve expanded into the rest of Europe.

The company’s Trikes use gas-powered machines to brew the coffee and can produce up to 500 cups a day. For some reason, they serve the drinks in recyclable containers, despite the fact that they’re using gas to brew it. Brilliant idea. Instead of making the people come to you, you bring the coffee to the people. Let’s face it, people are everywhere.

Slipperybrick.com, June 22, 2008

When innovating, it’s wise to build off a product with hot demand, like coffee. Bikecaffe combined the love of freshly brewed joe with convenience and a hot societal trend: being eco-friendly. What resulted was a pedal-powered coffee retailer.

After the business was launched in the UK in March, the mobile kiosks began to gain popularity, giving Bikecaffe’s founders, Will and Steve, the confidence to expand to the rest of Europe.

„Using heavy-duty cargo tricycles, Bikecaffe travels emission-free as it serves up a range of coffee blends from roasters Segafredo Zanetti and Integrity Fair Trade,“ SpringWise explains. „The company’s trikes use a gas-powered machine for brewing and can produce up to 500 cups per day-served in recyclable containers-along with chai, biscotti and other edibles.“

It’s an ingenious idea. Instead of setting up a brick and mortar shop that does well on particular days of the week (M-F, 9-5) or at certain times of the day, the Bikecaffe can be taken to the people, wherever they may be. It’s a beautiful, sunny day? Take it to the park. It’s a Monday morning and the line for lattes is out the door at Starbucks? Park on the curb nearby.

If you’re planning an event, a Bikecaffe can be booked, ideal for concerts, conferences, parties, graduations and even weddings.

TrendHunter Magazine, August 6, 2008

BikeCaffe Purchase Program

While the BikeCaffe is primarily intended to be a winning franchise offering, we do offer a purchase option for select existing private venues and businesses to acquire a BikeCaffe for use in their existing operations. This option is perfect for an independent coffee/espresso shop wanting to expand their local market reach, and equally perfect for concert venues, sports arenas, amusement parks and other destination facilities who feel a BikeCaffe can add to their food and beverage revenues.

Please note: While we would like to approve a BikeCaffe for everyone, this program is limited and approval is based on many factors, such as the existing businesses proximity to existing BikeCaffe franchisees, quality of the coffee product wishing to be served and the intended use(s). Additionally, this option is only available as a co-branded offering, which means that the BikeCaffe name will be presented alongside the existing business name when creating a BikeCaffe custom design for each client. Also, all fBikeCaffes sold outside our franchise system are required to comply with our „Automatic Buy-Back“ provision, requires that the BikeCaffe must be sold back to us should it no longer be used within the licensed business and that no transfers or private sale of the BikeCaffe of any kind are permitted.

For more information on the BikeCaffe existing business purchase option, contact us today.

University & Educational Program

At BikeCaffe, we understand that universities and large educational facilities are unique environments to do business. However, we are also aware that the students, staff and educators who spend their days “on campus” drink A LOT of coffee and are equally demanding of a quality coffee experience.

We have created The BikeCaffe University & Educational Program to specifically meet the needs of this special market. Additionally, we are capable of working directly with the staff of a campus foodservice department with special requirements or with any organizer(s) and group seeking to sponsor BikeCaffe on campus, either with profit or non-profit motivations.

So, whether you represent an institutional among the largest in the nation, or a small liberal arts environment, we want to hear from you, and invite all inquiries. For more information on our University & Educational Program, contact us today.