BikeCaffe Purchase Program

While the BikeCaffe is primarily intended to be a winning franchise offering, we do offer a purchase option for select existing private venues and businesses to acquire a BikeCaffe for use in their existing operations. This option is perfect for an independent coffee/espresso shop wanting to expand their local market reach, and equally perfect for concert venues, sports arenas, amusement parks and other destination facilities who feel a BikeCaffe can add to their food and beverage revenues.

Please note: While we would like to approve a BikeCaffe for everyone, this program is limited and approval is based on many factors, such as the existing businesses proximity to existing BikeCaffe franchisees, quality of the coffee product wishing to be served and the intended use(s). Additionally, this option is only available as a co-branded offering, which means that the BikeCaffe name will be presented alongside the existing business name when creating a BikeCaffe custom design for each client. Also, all fBikeCaffes sold outside our franchise system are required to comply with our „Automatic Buy-Back“ provision, requires that the BikeCaffe must be sold back to us should it no longer be used within the licensed business and that no transfers or private sale of the BikeCaffe of any kind are permitted.

For more information on the BikeCaffe existing business purchase option, contact us today.