Announcing the arrival of our newly
designed Quad Coffee Bike. Now,
our BikeCaffes will be equipped with
a bigger, better kitchen – ready to
prepare blended coffee and
smoothie drinks, iced coffees
and much more.

A Truly Unique Coffee Experience
The BikeCaffe is the most unique coffee experience available. With a blend of the best coffee roasts produced, a core values and belief set that pales the greenest of organizations, and convenience unmatched by any ordinary coffee house, BikeCaffe is in a class of its own.

We think you’ll love BikeCaffe, find out why…

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There’s no cup of coffee, or coffee experience, quite like the one the BikeCaffe serves. So, next time you’re in need for another cup, or if just want to enjoy a great coffee experience, walk on up to a BikeCaffe and leave behind the stuffy confines of your old coffee shop.

After all, a great cup of coffee is only better when topped with a splash of sunshine and made by a company who cares enough to pedal their way to your hearts.

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