About BikeCaffe

The BikeCaffe was painstakingly developed by Will Shakesheff, an obsessed coffee connoisseur, with a passion for great coffee and an equal loathing for the demise that big business has had on coffee taste. Further, Will created BikeCaffe with the intention to give back to those who produce great coffee and the world in which we live.

Caring for the coffee growers and producers proved difficult and costly, as identifying and contracting with 100% Fair Trade coffee producers was no simple task. We worked diligently to create a coffee blend that met our exacting requirements for taste, would be reliably available, and supplied by coffee producers who guide their operations in accordance to the ethical and environmental standards that our shapes our core business philosophy.

Giving back to the world was a bit simpler. It was easy to engineer BikeCaffe as a 100% environmentally friendly operation. After all, the „pedal power“ operation means that the business can boast a genuine „earth-friendly“ record. Coupling that with a 100% recycling policy and a footprint that leaves no trace except satisfied customers, BikeCaffe is truly a symbol of how business should operate in an era where environmental sustainability is critical.

Like Riding a Bike Again For the First Time

After tireless trial and error, both mechanically and through the use of our taste buds, the first operating BikeCaffe was „ready to roll“.

Beginning just outside London in Stratford-Upon-Avon England, on a typical blistery English morning with hot espresso in hand, the BikeCaffe set out for its inaugural journey. Coming to rest on famous Henley Street, just in front of William Shakespeare’s Home, the BikeCaffe immediately took customers by surprise and they quickly came to crave the coffee we served and the „way“ we served it. Britians reveled in the opportunity to support a business with environmental soundness and ethical business practices, all the while expecting, and getting, more than what the endless multinational coffee shops were serving.

Caffeine Powered Growth

Now, with BikeCaffes biking throughout England winning the hearts, minds and taste buds of discriminating Britians, we have set out to expand worldwide. Not only because we strive to build a business legacy that rewards us and our BikeCaffe purchasers, but because BikeCaffe is more than coffee. Its message and meaning is important to all of us, and what better way to start the day then with a hot cup of BikeCaffe coffee, and the vision of how a business can succeed while giving back. Caffeine, and „hope“ in a cup.