BikeCaffe Snack Bike

When our BikeCaffe Coffee Bike owners speak, we listen! Operators were hungry for a low-cost, but highly versatile Bike, which could merchandise a wide variety of food and product for sale. Behold the result…BikeCaffe Snacks.

Starting at LOW $12,900


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The BikeCaffe Snack Bike is simply genius. By utilizing a grid system for merchandising product, operators are able to sell essentially any food or small product item, using a variety of hook, tab and tray solutions for merchandise display. Also equipped with two on-board and portable powered refrigerators, there is nothing else like it, even at twice the price.

Use BikeCaffe Snack alone, or pair it with another BikeCaffe beverage model, to create a powerful food and beverage enterprise.

Our BikeCaffe Snack Bike is equipped with a thoughtful grid display system, along with refrigeration options to that together offer customers a self-service retail experience. Another BikeCaffe marvel in space utilization, you will be amazed at the sheer capacity and versatility this bike offers.

Each BikeCaffe Snack Bike typically comes equipped with:

  • Extensive Grid Display System
  • Two Electric Refrigerators
  • 1 Large Ice Chest
  • Commercial ice chest drawer system
  • Locking Cash Drawer
  • 110v  outlets (to power the BikeCaffe and charge your mobile!)
  • Interchangeable Menu Boards
  • Removable custom branded canopy
  • Geared Hub System – for effortless riding

Fully equipped to operate indoors or 100% portable using inverted electric power, our BikeCaffe Snack Bike is like no other mobile enterprise.

Popular Snack Bike Options & Upgrades:

  • Cargo Trailer (unbranded) $4,400.00
  • Location Services $2,500.00
  • Electric Motor – Motor & Controller $1,000.00
  • Electric Battery – Lead $375.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium $875.00
  • Electric Battery – Lithium Magnesium $1,250.00
  • Crating Services (per unit) $750.00
  • International Voltage Converter $295.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Freezer $475.00
  • NSF Stainless Steel Glass Front Refrigerator $425.00
  • LED Lighting – Installed $400.00
  • LED Lighting – Self Install $212.50

Delivered complete with blank white Panels (ready for vinyl art application).

Menu Board art files provided for local design and production.


Delivered complete with BikeCaffe.

Includes Custom Menu Board design and production.


Custom option includes full design services and production of YOUR Brand on the BikeCaffe.

Includes the design and production of all Panels & Menu Boards


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