Franchise FAQ's

1. How much does a BikeCaffe franchise cost? Our franchise offerings range from a Single Unit („Solo Rider“) package, through a 10 unit („Tour de France“) package. Please see our Franchise Details page for full information. 2. How much do the BikeCaffe Cost? Our fully equipped BikeCaffe Coffee Bikes are not available for purchase, unless […]

Paying For Your BikeCaffe

Full Payment Option – 1) Pay $18,500 to order your BikeCaffe (refundable, less an Administrative Fee,  if no Franchise Agreement is signed).2) Review and Sign the BikeCaffe Franchise Agreement and pay the remaining Franchise costs, prior to your BikeCaffe shipment. (or apply/qualify for financing)3) Determine the location(s) you will operate your BikeCaffe.4) Personally (or arrange […]


Romantic, alluring and intoxicating coffee is the drink of choice for millions People come together over coffee. Bikecaffe aims to bring coffee to the people in a environmentally friendly way so why not stop me and buy one ?


Bikecaffe is 100% environmentally friendly operation. Pedal power means no emissions and with all waste materials being recycled, the only footprints we leave are those of our happy customers.Our handmade coffee trikes offer a refreshing alternative to all those multinational coffee shops on the high street. Bikecaffe was founded by Will, a self confessed coffee […]

Spanish Macchito

1 shot espresso 1/3 scoop hot chocolate powder 4oz condensed milk Extract your espresso as normal. Make hot chocolate using steamed condensed milk.Add to espresso, gently shaking the jug from side to side as you pour.This creates a marbling pattern. Cinnamon sprinkles can be added if desired. Click an image to enlarge it

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BIKECAFFE™ have partnered with Segafredo Zanetti to bring you the Italians favourite coffee. We have a range of blends from super mild to Massimo for that real coffee hit or our popular Integrity Fair Trade coffee blend. Whether you fancy a quick expresso, a rich, foamy cappuccino or a warming spicy chai, BIKECAFFE™ delivers. We […]