Franchise FAQ's

1. How much does a BikeCaffe franchise cost?

Our franchise offerings range from a Single Unit („Solo Rider“) package, through a 10 unit („Tour de France“) package. Please see our Franchise Details page for full information.

2. How much do the BikeCaffe Cost?

Our fully equipped BikeCaffe Coffee Bikes are not available for purchase, unless as part of a franchise.

2. What does my investment include?

The investment to open and operate a BikeCaffe franchise includes complete training in the preparation of the BikeCaffe menu, customer service, Quad maintenance and technical operations, supply and inventory management, vendor practices and pricing strategy. As a franchisee, you will be provided with the latest franchise support technology; including a reliable infrastructure and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

3. Why should I buy a BikeCaffe franchise instead of another franchise?

Here are some reasons why a BikeCaffe franchise is right for you:

1. Consumers are increasingly demanding services from businesses that share their environmental and conservation beliefs. The BikeCaffe allows customers to enjoy a superior product, and feel good about doing it.

2. The BikeCaffe can be operated in an essentially limitless way, allowing owner-operators to operate their business from anywhere they like, for as many or as few hours as they like. The BikeCaffe is truly among the best „lifestyle“ franchise offerings available today.

3. A successful BikeCaffe franchisee can be anyone from a multitude of backgrounds. BikeCaffe will provide you with the proper training and education on the latest coffee and beverage trends, and our complete training program will teach you the skills you will need to properly and manageably operate your BikeCaffe. We do ask, however, that you are dedicated to customer service and that you find satisfaction in performing significant manual labor tasks, if you intend to be a full-time, owner-operator.

4. What level of commitment do I need to dedicate to my BikeCaffe franchise?

BikeCaffe offers a very high level of flexibility and autonomy that will allow you to manage your franchise in a way that works best for you. That includes working independently or hiring support staff and/or additional Baristas.

5. Does BikeCaffe provide limiting territories?

No, you can decide where you will operate your BikeCaffe and are free to change your location as frequently as your business requires or desires.

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For further information about becoming a BikeCaffe franchise owner today, please click here to request more franchise information and/or a return call from a franchise representative. 

DISCLAIMER: There are some US States that require registration prior to having any detailed discussions regarding opening new locations. If you are interested in one of these states listed below, we can take your name and contact information, and then notify you when we become registered: Washington, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, New York