Marley Coffee BikeCaffe offers a full line of bikes custom tailored to fit the needs of every new business owner, regardless of location. From espresso-based beverages and brewed coffee, to smoothies and snacks, Marley Coffee has readily available models perfect for any scenario. No details go unnoticed – all of our models are designed with customers in mind, providing an unheralded ease-of-use and extremely eye-catching platform.

We have worked extensively to develop each individual model, factoring in storage, functionality, efficiency, and workflow. In addition to fully integrated BikeCaffes, we also offer a full line of espresso machines, grinders, blenders, and brewers for every budget. We also provide support regarding signage, canopy design, menu boards, accessories, and more, allowing you total control of your business.

Do you have different needs that our readily available units can’t accommodate? No worries – we are happy to discuss building custom units perfectly fit to your individual needs!